Hidden Waters is a Judaic (Jewish Art) project and is constructed of two unique metal tools. One is a tool for handwashing which is used for the mitzvah of the hand purification by washing them with water. The second tool “Last Water” is intended for washing the hands at the end of the meal before blessing the previously eaten food. Both of these tools are made of round shapes that contain elements of concealed water.

In the washing vessel is a slot intended for water to enter, the shape of the vessel leaves an impression of a closed and intact ball. Whoever washes their hands cannot see the water entering the vessel. In the “last water” tool, the water used for the washing of the hands flows under the inversed ball and becomes hidden. This also serves as a function for the purpose of the vessel - when doing “last water”, one must wash their hands into a vessel and then to be poured into the sink, or covered with the vessel before the blessing. The tool consists of four parts that screw into each other. 

Mentor: Israel Dahan 
The Jewelry & Fasion Department, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design

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