Walk of mind pioneers shoe hybrid fabrication design concept and explores a new approach to shoe design accompanied with new terminology. Using an originative shoe layering Strata Compound method that retraces the known base hierarchy of function and shape in Shoe layers. Walk of mind shoes is a compound of five Strata. Strata - a geological term describe the fundamental earth unit. I'm using it to replace the known term in shoes - layer.

The Strata Compound method bridges gaps between modern digital technology and old-world craftsmanship. The project combines additive manufacturing 3D printed SLS mold of natural web cracked earth patterns, together with traditional wet molding vesicle forms (bumps), while weaving together Nylon 12 polymer and vegetable - tanned leather. Walk of mind shoe structure strength is acquired by all five Strata's Compound together creating a geometric lock enhanced by hand sewing. The shoe design process begins with Personal customization by using a digital scan of a Certain foot. The design can be adjusted to any foot, depends on the scanned model.

Mentor : Yaron Ronen
Mentor: Yaron Ronen
The Jewelry & Fasion Department, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design

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